Learn to play

In Tower Defense units move from one point to another (from the start to the finish). It is your task to prevent them from moving from start to finish without blocking their path.

You can do this by making their path as long as possible and placing a tower along this path to destroy the attacking units.


In singleplayer you have a limited number of “lives”, you lose one of these “lives” for every unit which reaches the finish. When you have no more lives left you lose. You can try again or play a different map or game mode.


In multiplayer you can build your maze and towers and then attack a another players maze. The more of your units reach the end the more resources you get and the more trophies you win.


When playing singleplayer your score is the total amount of units you kill on a map. There is a highscore table for the current maps and all time.

In multiplayer your score is the amount of trophies you have won. You win trophies by making your units reach the end of the map you are attacking.

Special Map Tiles

The maps contain certain special tiles which can give you a certain advantage in building your maze.

Start and finish

The start and finish are the places where the units start from and where they will try to go to. There can be multiple starts and finishes. The units will move from the start that is the closest to any of the finishes.


Waypoints or locations on the map which the attacking units have to pass before going to the finish. There can be multiple waypoints, attacking units pass them in the number shown on each waypoint. There can be multiple waypoints with the same number, the units will always use the waypoint with the shortest path to the finish.


Some spots contain water, you can not build on these spots, but luckily units can not move over these spots either. You can use these to make units run around them without building a lot of walls.

Income spots

Some maps have spots on them showing a number, if you manage to let the attacking units move over this spot you will get 10% of the round reward times that number. Note that if you kill all units before reaching that spot you get nothing.

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